Welcome to Stayokay!

The tournament venue is located a bit north of the Arnhem City centre, in a great hostel called Stayokay. Here we will play, sleep, relax, and take a beer in the bar.


The cost for stay at StayOkay is 260€ during the tournament. That is September 12–15.


For those who stay at StayOkay we will be served breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Find more info about the hostel here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please do your booking with StayOkay:

At the moment, we can only provide bookings from September 12 – 15. StayOkay is fully booked, so we are not able to help you with this request.

If you cancel your stay before the 1st of July you will be refunded everything.

If you cancel your stay before these dates you will have to pay:

  • 50% before August 1st.
  • 75% before August 20th.
  • 90% before September 1st.


The tournament fee will be refunded if you cancel before the 12th of September.

The rooms are 6-bed rooms.

If you don’t specify any person that you want to stay with, we’ll do our best to pair persons that know each other, or come from the same country. 

The rooms are available from 1500 CET on Thursday September 12. If you need to store your luggage somewhere, there is a luggage room.

The rooms must be empty from 1030 Sunday the 15th.

There is a luggage room available where you can put your stuff until the tournaments ends at 14.

If you are allergic to something, please specify that when you perform you registration.

We are currently looking into options for accomodation of single rooms.