We are many ASL players that remember the days of the Arnhem ASL Tournament, in the beginning of the century, as joyful and very pleasant. I don’t know if it’s the venue (StayOkay), the town (Arnhem of course), the management (Peter Struijf and Hennie van der Salm) the friendly people (the Dutch and all the participants from all over the planet), the bartender (yes, you know of whom I mean), or something else? Most likely it’s a combination of these!

No matter the cause, we all have a very special place in our hearts for the last summer days spent in Arnhem, Netherlands, Europe!


The Arnhem Tournament was held between 2003 and 2012. At 2010 Peter Struijf, who had been the tournament director since the start, declared that he and his wife Liz would move to Canada. However, Hennie would continue organizing the tournament. 


But as with life, it happens, and Hennie declared in 2012 that would be the last ASL tournament in Arnhem unless someone else stepped up. That never happened and soon the tournament was only but sweet memories…



For many years I have thought about starting up the Arnhem Tournament again, despite that I’m from Sweden. I think the location, the time of year and the venue is too good to be gone. Since I started Supporting Fire in 2012 I have learned and tweaked that tournament a lot. I have talked to other persons if they want to be part of a possible reboot, and everyone is thrilled about this!

I hope to see you there! 

Roll low,
Andreas Carlsson

We are creating the Arnhem ASL Tournament

We are a team of international ASL organizers and players that wants to continue the great tradition of the Arnhem ASL tournament.

By dividing the responsibility between several individuals, we not only get a reasonable load, but also a wonderful variety of scenarios!

Together we want to bring you the best possible tournament experience!

These are the heroes!

Andreas Carlsson
Tournament Director
Overall responsible, if you feel the need to bash on someone or something, this is the guy!
Tomas Davidsson
HQ Staff, Director for all the Mini tournaments.
Bas van den Berg
Merchandise, assisting man on the ground.
Olav Heie
Round Director
Round 2 Friday midday
Jens Thomander
Round Director
Round 4 Saturday morning
Bo Siemsen
Round Director
Round 6 Sunday morning
Lars-Robert Gregorson
HQ Staff.
Pieter-Bas De Quant
Our man on the ground in Arnhem. Without him, no StayOkay!
Michael Hastrup
Round Director Round 1 Thursday Evening
Derek Ward
Australian living in Denmark
Round Director
Round 3 Friday evening
Round Director
Round 5 Saturday evening