SEPTEMBER 12 – 15 2024

The Arnhem ASL Tournament is back!

Same town, same venue, same amazing atmosphere!


The date and time for all events during the tourney.


All info about our Main and Mini tournaments.


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Please note! After the 1st of July we cannot guarantee a bed at StayOkay!

About us

We are a team of international ASL organizers and players that wants to continue the great tradition of the Arnhem ASL tournament.

Together we want to bring you the best possible tournament experience!

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Main Tournament, three different mini’s, Battlefield tour, Round table discussion, and more. All at Stay Okay in Arnhem!

Included in the registration fee is a newly created scenario pack by MMP, who will donate 10 Euro per registration to The Airborne Museum at Hartenstein

Registered players as of 2024-07-01, 43 attendees:

Melvin Falk (Sweden, 1960,6)

Michael Hastrup-Leth (Denmark, 1947,6)

Bo Siemsen (Denmark, 1844,7)

Mattias Bergwall (Sweden, 1777,5)

Christoffer Peyre (Sweden, 1776)

Andreas Carlsson (Sweden, 1767,4)

Svante Sandblom (Sweden, 1767,2)

Olav Heie (Norway, 1763,6)

Richard Domovic (USA, 1758,8)

Lars Thuring (Sweden, 1673,4)

Hans Bugge (Norway, 1664,3)

Hennie Van der Salm (Netherlands, 1649,7)

Bruno Nitrosso (France, 1619,8)

Jeff Coyle (USA, 1563,3)

Raymond Woloszyn (USA, 1560)

Derek Ward (Denmark, 1517,4)

Michal Sedlacko (Slovakia, 1517)

Jon Zug (USA, 1500)

John Den Olden (Netherlands, 1500)

Bas van den Berg (Netherlands, 1486)

Eric Bongiovanni (France, 1465)

Oddgeir Drevdal (Norway, 1459,5)

Ola Nygårds (Sweden, 1455)

Bruce Probst (Australia, 1454,9)

Daniel Qvarfordt (Sweden, 1445)

Lars-Robert Gregorson (Sweden, 1444,4)

Armin Deppe (Germany, 1433,7)

John Tait (United Kingdom, 1417,5)

Tomas Davidsson (Sweden, 1403,1)

Stefan Nilsson (Sweden, 1387,7)

William Willow (USA, 1376,3)

Asad Rustum (Sweden, 1367,6)

Gerrit Gericke (Germany, 1347,8)

Paulo Ferreira (Portugal, 1346,9)

David Garvin (Canada, 1343,1)

Matt Noah (USA, 1328)

Roger Sjögren (Sweden, 1326)

Zeke Crater (USA, 1309)

Luis Calçada (Portugal, 1288,1)

Roderick Moolenaars (Netherlands, 1279,8)

Mikael Björling (Sweden, 1258,6)

Joao Ferreira (Portugal, 1250,6)

Guy Decrolier (Belgium, 1209,3)