Main Tournament


The Main Tournament is a 6 round, swiss style, tournament. 

The Tournament Rules can be found here

There is an overall theme for the tournament, and that is Operation Market Garden. This way we limit the things you need to carry, while we explore the different situations and battles that happened during Market Garden 80 years ago.

Please note that all scenarios may be subject to changes until the round starts.

All scenarios are downloadable as a low resolution Arnhem ASL Preview Copy.

Round 1
Thursday 15–23 (8 hrs)

Round Director: Michael Hastrup
Theme: Hell’s Highway
WO4 I Don’t Like Retreating
SP131 Pocket Panzers
TotR292 Four Stars of Valor

Round 2
Friday 12–18 (6 hrs)

Round Director: Olav Heie
Theme: The Bridge at Arnhem
J58 No 8 Platoon Overrun
ABTF5 Tigers to the Bridge!
ABTF7 Among the Bravest

Round 3
Friday 18–24 (6 hrs)

Round Director: Derek Ward
Theme: In the Middle of the Action
MM78 A Day at the Museum
OA10 Monty’s Mess
YASL7 Making a Break For It

Round 4
Saturday 09–16 (7 hrs)

Round Director: Jens Thomander
Theme: The Liberation
FT179 Landstorm Over Arnhem
FrF92 Arms Race
SP135 Tale of the Comet

Round 5
Saturday 16–23 (7 hrs)

Round Director: MMP and Andreas Carlsson
Theme: Operation Market Garden
• MMP Arnhem Scenario Pack
CAW9 Stiff Resistance
ASL189 Devil’s Hill

The MMP Arnhem Scenario Pack is a newly created scenario pack that is included in the tournament fee! These scenarios will be presented when the round starts.

The three options should be handled as three separate scenarios when you determine what scenarios are to be played. Ie, if you don’t like surprise scenarios you have the option to delete the scenario pack as a whole.

If you determine the scenario pack as the one to play, you do a separate determination based on the ones in the pack.

Round 6
Sunday 08–13 (5 hrs)

Round Director: Bo Siemsen
Theme: Arnhem
ABtF3 Late For Mass
J140 All Down The Line
WO37 The Vital Hours