MINI TournamentS


The Mini Tournaments are 3 rounds each, all organized by Tomas DavidssonThe selections are taken from different rounds of the Swedish tournament Supporting Fire.

You are free to enter any, or more, of the mini’s if it suits you. Mini B overlaps both A and C. The rounds are scheduled the same time as the Main Tournament, but they may be adjusted  during the weekend depending of number of players, speed of play and agreements between the participants.

The Tournament Rules can be found here

Mini A – Hells Highway
Round 1: Thursday 15–23 (8 hrs)
Round 2: Friday 12–18 (6 hrs)
Round 3: Friday 18–24 (6 hrs)
• A75 Medal of Honor
• WO5 Astride Hell's Highway
• O4 I Don't Like Retreating
Mini B – Die, Burn, Bleed
Round 1: Friday 18–24 (6 hrs)
Round 2: Saturday 09–16 (7 hrs)
Round 3: Saturday 16–23 (7 hrs)
• SP127 Bleed Gurkha Bleed!
• SP95 Burn Gurkha Burn!
• SP80 Die Gurkha Die!
Mini C – Normandy
Round 1: Saturday 09–16 (7 hrs)
Round 2: Saturday 16–23 (7 hrs)
Round 3: Sunday 08–13 (5 hrs)
• AP29 Raff's Dilemma
• AP31 First Cristot
• WO3 Counterattack at Carentan