Some useful links for ASL players

Last updated: August 7, 2012

MultiManPublishing, maker of ASL: MultiManPublishing

Trojan Games: Trojan Games

Lone Canuck Publishing: Lone Canuck Publishing

Bounding Fire Productions: Bounding Fire Productions

Le Franc Tireur: Le Franc Tireur

Kansas City ASL: Kansas City ASL

Battleschool: Battleschool

Friendly Fire: Friendly Fire

Countersmith Workshop: Countersmith Workshop

Heat of Battle: Heat of Battle


Other tournaments in Europe

Mark Humphries ASL Tournament Calender:

Grenadier tournament (Germany):

Scandinavian Open (Denmark):

Intensive Fire (Great Britain):

ITA-SL-IA (Italy):

Friendly Fire (Sweden):

Alpenfestung (Switzerland):

More tournaments at the ASLOK website:


Dutch ASL pages

Dutch ASL mailing list:

Cardboard warriors:


Information about World War II in the Netherlands

Airborne museum, located at the Hartenstein hotel. Has lots of useful links:

Arnhem historical guide:

Grebbeberg battle (see scenario J42):

The Dutch war in May 1940:

General information about WWII: