"A Bridge Too Far 2012" Arnhem ASL Tournament

last updated: November 8, 2012

The 10th edition of the Bridge Too Far ASL tournament took place in Arnhem, Netherlands from September 20-23, 2012. The total number of participants was 16 in the main tournament, joined by 2 players in the Mini-Tournaments.

The main tournament consisted of 5 rounds and was won by Bo Siemsen who went 5-0.

Final Ranking in the Main Tournament:

Winner (5-0): Bo Siemsen (Denmark)
2nd place (4-1): Peter Struijf (Canada)
3rd place (3-2): Albrecht Dekker (Netherlands)
4th place (3-2): Tomek Kucharski (Poland)
5th place (3-2): Michael Haestrup-Leth (Denmark)
6th place (3-2): Fredrik Ewers (Sweden)
7th place (3-2): Andreas Carlsson (Sweden)
8th place (3-2): Michel Koch (Germany)
9th place (3-2): Ola Nygårds (Sweden)
10th place (2-3): Roderick Moolenaars (The Netherlands)

The Round Robin Mini Tournament was won by Andre Burchardt from Germany with a 2-1 record. Chris Hofland and Bas van den Berg (both from the Netherlands) also had a 2-1 record but were beaten by Andre due to tie-breakers.