"A Bridge Too Far 2011" Arnhem ASL Tournament

last updated: October 29, 2011

The 9th edition of the Bridge Too Far ASL tournament took place in Arnhem, Netherlands from September 22-25, 2011. The total number of participants was 18 in the main tournament, joined by 6 players in the Mini-Tournaments.

The main tournament consisted of 6 rounds and was won by Peter Struijf, our former tournament director who went 6-0.

Final Ranking in the Main Tournament:

Winner (6-0): Peter Struijf (Netherlands)
2nd place (4-2): Bo Siemsen (Denmark)
3rd place (4-2): Chris Mazzei (Switzerland)
4th place (4-2): Albrecht Dekker (Netherlands)
5th place (4-2): Andreas Carlsson (Sweden)
6th place (4-2): Michael Haestrup-Leth (Denmark)
7th place (3-3): Lars Thuring (Sweden)
8th place (3-3): Rudi Grossholdermann (Germany)
9th place (2-3): Christian Herde (Germany)
10th place (2-3): Michel Koch (Germany)

The Mini Tournament "Stalin's Winter Offensive" was won by George Tournemire from French, who beat Andre Burchardt from Germany in the final. 

The combined Mini Tournament "Friendly Fire's Greatest Hits" was won by Peter Hofland of The Netherlands, who beat Fredrik Ewers from Sweden in the final.

Winner of the Zaitsev Award was Lars Thuring of Sweden, who scored 11 CVP during his six games. Lars Thuring also won the Tank Buster Trophy by scoring 31 points in that competition.


Rudi Grossholdermann posted this AAR on the gamesquad forums:

Albrecht Dekker collected these two war stories during the weekend and provided Lars and Nigel with some DVD's for there war story.
The firste eerste winaar is Lars Thuring with the inestructable 9-2. It is the scenario tic tac toe. 1st turn a japanese squad with DC creates
a volunteer (the dc-hero) that runs toward the 9-2 leader and squad. He and other squads opens fire at the dc-hero. All the bullets fly around
the hero he jumps and evades all bullets and by miracle he reaches the 9-2 with squad. He
detonates the dc and nothing happens. Next turn
a Japanes 9-0 takes a dc and runs
towards the same 9-2 leader. The 9-0 runs, jumps and evades again all bullets. He detonates the dc and
only pins the 9-2 and breaks his squad a Japanes halfsquad
moves toward the 9-2, which now is only the lonely by himself and pinned. The
squad advances, ambushes the 9-2 but fails to kill him. The 9-2 takes his pistols and shoot the halfsquad. Now the 9-2 stick up his nose
and waves to the Japanese
and shoots you not gone get me!!! An other American squad prepfires next turn attracts a sniper. The sniper fires
and we have never seen the 9-2 anymore. So, what
two Japanese man with bombs and a halfsquad couldn't manage, a lonely Sniper could.
Kill the indestructable 9-2.

Second winner was Nigel Blair in Prusian Way. Now some rules are little bit bend but if you do that you get al little bit twilightzone. Now
this what happened. A Russian
squad is Rider on a AFV. He is shot from some German Sniper and breaks. He bails out and takes a moral
check. Snake eyes, (Now the rues are a little bit bend) so he
rallies and is back on the tank. Hob is 12 so he breaks, he ails out, takes a
check, again snake eyes, rallies is back on the tank HOB throws 10 (again surrenders, must bail out throws an other snake eyes, rallies
is back on the tank
and battle hardens. Now sniper activates anorher time and breks the squad and now the squad did't rallie. But still in the
resulution of the bail out the squad was in
a other demension between bailed out or on the tank.