"A Bridge Too Far 2008" Arnhem ASL Tournament

last updated: April 21, 2010

The 6th edition of the Bridge Too Far ASL tournament took place in Arnhem, Netherlands from September 19-21. The total number of participants was 35 in the main tournament, joined by 6 players in the Mini-Tournaments.

The main tournament consisted of 6 rounds and after several title contenders stumbled in the first two rounds, the race seemed wide open. Michael Koch of Germany and Bo Siemsen of Denmark went to 4-0 records, but both lost their games in the Surprise Round 5. On Sunday, Klas Malmstrom of Sweden managed to win his sixth consecutive game,which made him the deserved winner of the tournament.

Top 11:

Winner (6-0): Klas Malmstrom (Sweden)
2nd place (5-1): Bo Siemsen (Denmark)
3rd place (5-1): Robert Maglica (Sweden)
4th place (5-1): Laurent Forest (France)
5th place (4-2): Boudewijn van Schalkwijk (Netherlands)
6th place (4-2): Michael Koch (Germany)
7th place (4-2): Janusz Maxe (Sweden)
8th place (4-2): Michael Hastrup (Denmark)
9th place (4-2): Melvin Falk (Sweden)
10th place (4-2): Andreas Carlsson (Sweden)
11th place (4-2): Rich Domovich (USA)

The Mini Tournament "The Emperor's Finest" was won by Raymond de Waard of the Netherlands, who beat compatriot Albert van Poppel in the final.  The Mini Tournament "Unstoppable Red Hordes" was won by Michel Bongiovanni of France, who beat Dutchman Albrecht Dekker in the final.

The Mini Tournament "Partisan Warfare" was won by Roger Sjögren of Sweden, who beat Steve Mickevics of Australia in the final.

Winner of the Zaitsev Award was Boudewijn van Schalkwijk (Netherlands), who scored 6 CPV during his six games. Finally, the winner of the Tank Buster Trophy was Georges Tournemire of France, who scored 15 points.

Klas Malmström posted these pictures on his website: