"A Bridge Too Far 2007 Arnhem ASL Tournament

last updated: April 21, 2010

Results of the 2007 “A Bridge Too Far” Arnhem ASL Tournament

The 5th Edition of the Bridge Too Far ASL Tournament in Arnhem (Netherlands) has been completed.

On Thursday evening, 20th of September, the ASL Tournament kicked off with 27 participants from 8 countries. Five more players joined on Saturday morning to take part in a variety of Mini-Tournaments, making a total number of participants of 32.

14 Players competed in all 5 Rounds of the Main Tournament: the winner was Toby Pilling of England with an unbeaten 5-0 record. He beat Bo Siemsen of Denmark in a thorough and one-sided final of “Determination, Resolve and Grenades”.

Four Players ended the Tournament with a 4-1 record in the following order: Bo Siemsen (Denmark), Klas Malmstrom (Sweden), Melvin Falk (Sweden - defending Champion) and Daniel Qvarfordt (Sweden).

The Zaitsev Award for the most deadly Sniper was won by Klas Malmstrom (Sweden), whose sniper accounted for 5 CVP during the tournament.

The Tank Buster Award was won by Rich Domovich (United States), who destroyed a total of 20 Enemy AFV during his five games.

The Winner of the “Infantry Classics” Mini-Tournament was Jonas Hesslund (Sweden), who beat Liz Mandishora (Zimbabwe) in the final. Liz was the only competing woman and she defeated two defending mini-tournament champions on the way to the final.

The Winner of the “Our Friends: Designers” Mini-Tournament was Michael Hastrup-Leth (Denmark), who beat Raymond de Waard (Netherlands) in the final.

The Winner of the “Knights of Bushido” Mini-Tournament was Robert Maglica of Sweden, who beat Francois Boudrenghien (France) in the final.

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You can find some pictures at this website.

Klas Malmström posted these pictures on his website:


After Action Reports

Bo Siemsen wrote this story about this Greek Marathon Man (also check out the pictures he's referring to):


A quick story from the Arnhem 2007 Tournament. As always it was a terrific event that I can only recommend attending. Thanks to Peter, Liz, Hennie and who else helped make it happen.


This isn't really an after action report, just a funny event that took place during the final game of the tournament.

There I was ready to play the final game. I was set to play against the Tournament legend Toby Pilling. The Scenario was "Determination, Resolve and Grenades". I was defending board 25 with greek squads armed with Italian Artillery Guns. Suffice to say, I totally messed up the setup and my plan was extremely flawed to begin with. Result, easy win for Toby Pilling. That obviously isn't the funny event I'm referring to.

Both of us preferred to play the Germans, he won the dice-roll and I received an upgrade to my 9-1 leader. 9-2 leaders are nice. Usually. This guy was set up ready to direct fire from the Heavy Machine Gun manned by a Half Squad.

We begin play, first shot of the game. Toby's 88 opens up for an area fire shot. NMC. Leader rolls snake-eyes and decides to go berserk. Halfsquad can't resist and joins him . and before a sensible chap can say "But, Sir, wouldn't it be better to shoot at the enemy with the Heavy Machine Gun rather than run down attacking 200 Germans and their 5 armored cars singlehandedly ?" he has put on his running boots and off he went . running down from his entrenchments in his level 4 hill hex . down through the gully . up from the gully . sprinting towards the nearest known enemy unit . but wait, where did he go ? . damn Germans hiding from me . ah, I got it . those big 88's on the hill on the other side of the valley . I'll attack those instead . sprinting across the wide open valley . sprinting some more . climbing the hill on the other side of the valley . getting in point blank against the 88 . but damnit, then that crew went into hiding too . thank God that german halfsquad in the valley re-appeared from hiding I'll charge him instead . down the hill, cross the gully, cross the hedge . game over ? we lost ? damn, I'll try again in the next scenario.

* * * * *

For those interested in statistics. The 9-2 leader and the Halfsquad spent 55 movement points trying to find some Germans to kill during 8 game turns entering roughly 45 new hexes during the charge around the battlefield. Now where's the rules for Beserker exhaustion in ASL :-) ?

This brave fella was dubbed "The Marathon Man" and Toby kept humming the theme from Chariots of fire (if you know that old Oscar Winning movie it will be funny). He wasn't the brightest guy, but boy oh boy could he run .

Check out the fine pictures from the Miracle mile:

Picture 1
In the foreground you will notice my Beserkers . in the background you will notice the 200 Germans and several vehicles trying to squeeze down Toby's left flank

Picture 2
shows the Germans hiding in the woods. Too much for Captain Montague . he had to attack.

Picture 3
Waaaay in the background you will notice the beserkers standing adjacent to an 88LL AT-Gun on the hill across the valley. In the foreground you will notice the broken down greek lines viciously exploited by the German Armored Cars right in the area that the HMG was supposed to cover.

Picture 4
The German crew cleverly sneaks away leaving Captain Montague severely confused, so he starts charging back downhill. (poor picture quality)

Picture 5
Toby has moved to my side of the table in order to get a better view of his exit routes. In the foreground Tournament director Peter Struijf looks thoughtful. (This picture is primarily shown to display the map in the background - Narva '44. A new campaign being designed in Denmark, still in the early playtest phases).

Best Regards
Bo Siemsen