"A Bridge Too Far 2005” Arnhem ASL Tournament

Last updated: April 21, 2010

Information about the 2005 tournament:

The 2005 A Bridge Too Far tournament was held in Arnhem. 44 Players from 11 countries showed up to play in the main tournament and 3 mini tournaments. The three mini-tournaments were played with 20 participants.

The 2005 Arnhem ASL tournament was won by

Francois Boudrenghien (France, 6-0)

The ASL Event started on Thursday, September 15th 2005, when two Battlefield Tours took place. The first Battlefield Tour explored the Arnhem / Oosterbeek area. The second Battlefield Tour went to Rhenen & Grebbe Hill, depicted in the scenario Grebbe End.

Pillbox near Grebbe Hill

Tournament prizes have been provided by Multi Man Publishing, Histofig, Heat of Battle and Trojan Games.

All Game Results of the Arnhem ASL Tournament are submitted to the Histofig European Area Ranking.