"A Bridge Too Far 2003” Arnhem ASL Tournament

Last updated: April 21, 2010


From Thursday September 11th till Friday September 14th, 2003 the first A Bridge Too Far, Arnhem ASL tournament took place.

Participants of the Battlefield tour

On Thursday 13 of the participants took part in a Battlefield tour where everyone visited sights of the Arnhem part of Operation Market Garden. We visited the Eusebius Church, the hotel Hartenstein (currently the Airborne museum), the Oosterbeek war cemetery, the landing zone at the Ginkelse Heide and finally of course the Arnhem bridge.

Arnhem bridge

The tournament was held at the StayOkay. After 4 rounds (two each on Friday and Saturday) Xavier Vitry was the only undefeated player. Russ Curry won the CC CVP competition and Stefan Zetterholm won the Boxcars competition.

On Sunday everyone played a friendly game and returned home afterwards. Everyone enjoyed the tournament, the battlefield tour and the location.